May 2, 2015

"Nothing to wear" weekend solution

“I have nothing to wear”, a common girls thought.

Even though my closet is full with clothes, I get this feeling once in a while. Especially when a party or a girls night out is coming up – or let’s be honest sometimes on a normal day too. 

After a successful shopping trip I get crazy about my outfit achievements. Once the initial hype is gone, these "most perfect fitting pair of jeans" or this "cutest top ever" belong to the rest of my closet, titled “nothing to wear”.

This procedure had to stop. So I started to shop more lasting and thoughtfully. 

How this works? Sleeping on it! 

If I have enough time I just go for a shopping inspiration trip and if I keep thinking about those special shoes, that hot summer dress or those cool jeans, I allow myself to buy them. 

Over time I have collected my very own must have pieces, that assists me in my pop up “nothing to wear-weekend situations".

One of my favorite fashion dilemma solution is simple and chic, works for a party, a dinner or just an after work cocktail with friends. 

A white blazer, black leather shorts and a cute top are always a good compromise. 

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