May 18, 2015

Power weekend

Running, surfing or ski touring – are my favorite sports. Biking? No! Until last weekend I hated mountain biking or in my case I thought that I would hate it. I was never an avid biker, even riding my city bike to work or college is annoying me.  “I would rather run a few kilometers uphill than mountain bike” – that was me last week!

“Omg, it was so much fun, let’s bike this trail again tomorrow” – me on Saturday. I finally did it. I went mountain biking and I liked it. One of my best friends has tried to convince me for a mountain bike tour for more than two years. I am soooooo happy that I conquered my weaker self on a 4 kilometers ride uphill with 1050m of elevation gain. I was cycling in the Dolomites, Tyrol, surrounded by an amazing landscape and scenery.

Unfortunately I was not able to be on the bike again on Sunday. Although I wanted to have a bike repetition, my sore butt made it impossible. It hurt so much that I enjoyed the nice weather relaxing by the lake instead.

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