November 29, 2015

Running motivation

4 ways not to slack off on December running

Shorter days, nasty weather and overindulgence can all put me off my stride.

Last week the winter (finally) arrived in Austria. Honestly I love winter, but especially the month December can be a difficult time to find time and motivation for exercise.

It is not only the stressful Christmas shopping and hectic advent time, but also the cold and the snow that wake up my inner’s weaker self. Actually my thoughts sound like my grandma “It is too cold, you get sick, the ground is slippery,…”

Last week I had so much going on and I spent my only free evening on the Christmas market instead of the treadmill.

Which is totally fine I have no problem with that. But if I don’t get to do exercise I feel unsatisfied with myself and that leads to a bad attitude and makes me insufferable.

All near ski resorts haven’t opened yet, so instead of pouting, I unpacked my ski touring clothes and wear my touring layers and ski gears for running until there is enough snow to hit the slope. 

Take a rest from all the stressful and hectic advent shopping. Instead of clicking or swiping through online shops, go outside for a walk/ a run and think about what your friends and family really need instead of getting distracted from all the commercial Christmas consumptions.

Don't let your grandma thoughts make you fell unsatisfied und unhappy. Get up, warm up and run up!

  1. Go easy: Avoid an ass-kicking hard training. Instead go easy and get your running passion back. December is a good time to build up the necessary condition base you need for the warmer seasons.
  2. Get warm: Take an extra few minutes to stretch and get your muscles warmed up. 
  3. Stay warm: Don't overdress. Wear several thin layers and don't forget a headband or hat, as well as a pair of running gloves. Layers keep you much warmer and more comfortable running than one heavy jacket. 
  4. Feel better: Christmas cookies, Gluehwein, Gingerbread and other indulgence taste better when you feel comfortable eating it. Running is a power tool for preventing holiday weight gain. 

November 25, 2015

Winter fashion

More functional, more fabulous

Isn’t it so much easier to dress cool and stylish when it’s warmer outside?

Fact: I knew that there will be a day this winter that is so freezing cold, that I am forced out of my chic, body skimming coat and into something warm and fluffy. But I didn't expect it coming so early.

Last weekend I was in Vienna. Snow, wind and zero degrees Celsius made dressing complicated. My to-do list was long: Christmas markets, shopping and dining - of course I wanted to look good, but it is so hard to bundle up and still wear a chic outfit.

The abundance of cold weather accessories combined with bulky swearers, coats and boots can be overwhelming and give me the feeling I look like a haphazard snow-woman.

Good thing I didn’t pack that much so I hadn’t really lots of clothing choices. In the end after three rounds of changing I finally found an outfit that was simple chic and kept me warm walking around in Vienna.

Summer and bright shades come to mind when anyone talks about color blocking. But it needn't be the case: Silvery gray on black is a combo neutral that'll go with anything, but it brings a fresher feeling to my winter wear. I combine a very warm Sportalm Kitzbühel down jacket with a black ripped Jbrand Jeans and grey leather ankle boots from an Italian boutique. And a Liebeskind Berlin scarf with is a perfect accessory, which I even leave on as part of my outfit.

November 20, 2015

Vienna calling

I woke up tonight at 5am because I was so excited.  It is one of these mornings when I get up in less than five seconds, because I am just happy to start the day.

No, I am not flying to New York – I am (only) driving to Vienna. Nothing special. But I can’t wait to visit my little brother’s first flat.

I remember every time he visited me in New York and Shanghai. It was always lots of fun. And no it is the other way around.

Time flies so fast, it feels like yesterday when we were playing together, dreaming about building a tunnel between our rooms or fighting over small things.

And now?

He is grown up, sometimes I feel like he is more mature and settled than I am, five years older than him. He cooks better than me, knows how to bake and if I have a question about what’s going on in our world, either it is about politics, finance or economy – he knows the best. I am really proud of him.

So now I have to finish packing, eating breakfast and get my second caffeine boost– all at the same time. #chaosqueen

November 15, 2015



Spotted in Salzburg

Beanie: #cos
Cardigan: #zara
Jeans: #7fam 7 for all mankind
Shirt: #intissimi
Scarf: #liebeskind
Bag: #luisvuitton
Ankle Boots: from an Italian shoe boutique 

November 11, 2015


Tauern Spa

In a world where even our vacations have become hectic, I have chosen a slow mindful way for a weekend trip – combined with good wine, delicious food and beloved company!

A spa weekend at its finest – please take me back right now!

Nothing but relaxed! No computer, no work, no stress – just sun, sleep and lots of relaxation.

After 3 days spending at Tauern Spa, Salzburg, I feel rejuvenated and pure. The peaceful environment in the middle of the National Park Hohe Tauern and sight at the glacier Kitzsteinhorn were the best place to recharge.

Nothing like waking up to a view of the mountains and a dreamy nature scenery - well maybe nothing but waking up seeing the Empire State Building #NYClover.

Anyway, I miss jumping in the skyline pool for a short swim before having an amazing breakfast or to watch the sundown with its beautiful orange color nuances.

I love snow, winter and skiing, but I need to admit that I had enjoyed sunbathing in November. Last year at this time we had snow and temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. And this weekend? We had a warm summer revival in November. Sun bathing in Winter? Yes! Cocktails and sunscreen instead of tea and steam sauna. Cheers!

November 5, 2015

Thank god it’s Friday

It’s been a stressful week and I am more happy than ever that it’s Friday.

Normally I had already eaten at least one whole package of Balisto or Raffaelo by now. But I stayed sober:  It’s been 10 days without sugar. As far as I can tell it’s not so hard as I thought.

Besides the daily 10 minutes of struggle with my inner temptation: “ah why am I even doing this? Just one cookie wouldn’t be so bad, …”, it works out fine. My skin gets better, I am fitter and my body feels already leaner and not so bloated.

Now I am ready for 3 days of De-Stress Deluxe. Tauernspa Kaprun I am coming!

After last minute packing and a Nespresso to-go for the drive I am ready for a relaxed weekend in the middle of Salzburg’s panoramic mountains “Hohe Tauern”.

November 1, 2015

Sugar breakup!

Last weekend in Italy was a lot of fun and the food delicious, but it was also the start of my kind of ‘diet’ thing.

I am not the diet person. However, I try to eat healthy but I am not calculating calories, carbs or whatever.

A lot of wine, pizza, pasta, tiramisu, candy, chocolate, less exercise just got me in a bad mood. That’s why I just thought it is time for a healthy cleanse.

Another main reason to go through a sugar break-up is my addiction to it. I wanted to prove myself that I can be happy without sugar. For some people this might sound stupid, but I already got the feeling that I couldn’t function without sugar or something sweet after lunch. So this is mostly about proving that I can survive the afternoon without a Balisto, a cookie or whatever I find in our office.

When I told my mum about my brilliant idea she kind of laughed at me and asked me what I am planning to eat now? And naïve as I was I answered well everything but candy, chocolate, sweets,… but fruit sugar, I need fresh fruits and chia seeds or oatmeal in the morning.

Then she brought me back to reality and told me that I should check the ingredient list of the foods in my fridge. I checked it and realized that almost everything contains sugar, even my beloved feta cheese, the plain greek yoghurt I eat for breakfast or balsamic vinegar.

Thinking how easy it would be banning sugar for a while, turned out no so cool anymore.

I started rethinking my healthy eating choice. In order to stick to my break-up and don’t get coughed rebounding with sugar, next week already. I decided to avoid only food that contains added sugar and lots of carbs like bread, pasta, rice, couscous, quinoa, etc.

My beloved Sunday brunch with bread, cereal, croissant, honey, Nutella or whatever turned into a chia pudding fruit bowl and I can tell you it is amazing! I love it! 

Brunch with bread and cereal

Chia pudding with oats and fruits

Chia seeds are not just a hyped superfood, well it might don’t make you automatically prettier, skinnier or healthier but the low carb seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and minerals.