April 28, 2015

Easy vitamin booster to go

My mornings are stressed, lunch breaks are short and hopping between work and college takes a lot of time too. Smoothies made my morning and day routines less stressful and healthier. 

I got a new smoothie maker for Easter with three bottles to go. Now I can blend and drink from the same bottle. 

Today I have to work on my master thesis. To safe time and nerves I brought my breakfast with me on my rooftop.

When I am in a smoothie mood in the morning, I prefer to use fruits. Don’t get me wrong. I like veggie drinks and green mixes too but I mix spinach, kale or celery mostly for dinner. Usually I blend everything what I find in my fridge. I have no special smoothie ingredient rule - besides only sweet fruits for breakfast.

This time I used a banana, raspberries, pieces of a fresh pineapple, a kiwi, a pear and chia seeds. I blended all and added 2 two tablespoons of low fat natural yoghurt and water.

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