March 30, 2015

90ies revival

Dungarees are back!

This must have piece features some serious fashion and childhood flashbacks. I am talking about the famous and classic dungaree. This season everyone is wearing this cult piece. Seen on the streets or at Fashion Week catwalks. 

The denim overall comes in a down-to-earth and relaxed mood. It has been resurrected in various styles. From classic stonewashed denim and multiple colors, to cute printed designs. 

Considering that Alexa Chung and Pixie Lott are looking good in dungarees, I assumed that it won't fit me. 

Do you know this feeling when you love an outfit seeing at somebody else but you think that you have still a few kg/pounds too much or you are even too skinny for a special piece. In my case I struggle more often with the first issue. When I saw dungarees at catwalks I wasn't sure if the denim trend would look good on me.

But whatever! I tried it and loved it! So I buckled up and embraced denim overalls. And so should you! 

Little me vs. grown-up Meli...

Throwback to yesterday's brunch

Lazy Sundays at home are the best!

Breakfast turns into a brunch and workout into a run or a walk. 

Sundays are great both hanging at home on rainy days and being outside enjoying the sunny weather.

Yesterday was a perfect combination of both. I relaxed at home, had breakfast&lunch on the balcony and walked through my small hometown.

But there is nothing better than a calm, delicious brunch outside. Scrambled eggs, fruits & yoghurt, coffee, my love and an amazing view made my day.

March 29, 2015

Bye bye treadmill, hello nature

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Warmer temperatures and sunny weather invite for running outside. So it's time to get off the treadmill and hit the streets or the park. Since one year I am in love with my running shoes. At the beginning it was more like torture than fun. Nowadays I enjoy running four times a week.

It helps me to boost energy and run stress away. It doesn't matter how fast, how long or how far you run, just do it! Do it for yourself, for your body and for your health. In the beginning it may requires discipline and motivation. But believe me it's worth it. Conquer your weaker self and keep up training!

7 tips to make running more fun:
  • Buy new stylish sportswear  
  • Create a running playlist 
  • Find a running buddy 
  • Set goals 
  • Challenge yourself 
  • Use runtastic or pumatrack to record your results 
  • Discover new routes

March 27, 2015

Shanghai Memories - Matcha latte

Have you already had your first Matcha latte experience?

I tried the green japanese based super drink last year, when I lived in Shanghai. The only thing that I can remember is that I wasn't a Matcha fan right away. I didn't like the strong smell and especially not the very green color. But after a while I was craving it. 

These days Matcha is the hottest tea in town. Instagram, blogs and magazines tell me that people are super excited about Matcha. New matcha cafes are also opening everywhere.


Seeing Matcha latte all over my social media pages made me want to have it again. So I bought 40 gram of Matcha powder in a tea shop. 

Matcha latte is very easy and fast to make. All you need is water, milk and matcha powder. 

  • 2 gram matcha powder (1 1/2 tsp)
  • 80ml hot water (not boiling water)
  • 80-100ml milk (depends on how much you like)
  • optional: honey

Pour the powder into a cup. Add the water and whisk vigorously until the powder is all dissolved. Then heat the mild and froth it until foamy. Finally add the milk froth in the cup.

And voilà

March 26, 2015

Vorfreude aufs Osterfest

In neun Tagen heißt es wieder Eierpecken, Osternest suchen und viel Essen.

Verzierte Ostereier, Palmkatzln und Blumen – überall wird dekoriert. Ich liebe es mich von anderen kreativen Menschen inspirieren zu lassen. Aber ich bin kein Fan von kitschigen, bunten und zu sehr verschnörkelten Dekorationen.

Die besten Inspirationen finde ich immer bei meiner Mama zuhause. Ihre kreativen Ideen bringen immer einen persönlichen Pep in die Wohnung. Deswegen habe ich mir heute zuhause auch einige ihrer kreativen Osterdekorationen abgeschaut.

Hier sind ein paar Inspirationen wie ihr eure Wohnung mit einfacher und eleganter Deko in Oster Stimmung bringt. 

March 25, 2015

I love my shoes and its rack

Are you tired of buying shoe racks from Ikea?

Create your own furniture with a unique style!

When I moved in my new apartment I was tired of running to Ikea for everything. So I designed a shoe rack by myself. Actually it was the idea of my creative mom. We bought some bricks and shelves and put them all together. 

March 24, 2015

The trench fashion icon

As the season's blend together it's getting warmer. Waking up by rays of sun feels so good. Everybody is in a good mood and keeps smiling.

Although I love spring weather, I struggle with my clothing choice. When I leave for work or college around 8 am it is still chilly enough to require a jacket. Not all of my spring jackets are made for temperatures ups and downs throughout the day.

Since I was so busy these last days I had no time to go shopping. Good that I kept one of my favorite Shanghai buyings – a classic beige ¾ sleeve trench coat. I bought my beloved spring transitional piece in a small lovely designer boutique in the historic Shanghai district, the French Concession.

Shopping in Shanghai is great by the way. Last year I lived there for six months and it was the best. A more detailed blog post about living in Shanghai is coming up soon.

March 20, 2015

Black and White Sophistication

All fashion magazines and style blogs feature new spring trends. I love timeless fashion trends that never go out of style. Monochrome looks with a simple chic are my favorites. A classic black and white palette offers a safe styling throughout spring. Basic colored outfits will leave you looking trés chic the whole day.

Get inspired and create your own black and white ensemble. Spring is not all about pastels and bright colors. 

March 18, 2015

Spring Fever

Yeah! My calendar says that spring has officially begun! 
So It's time to refresh my wardrobe. I love diversification! So I get really excited when I can put my warm winter clothes away and unwrap my Ikea boxes with all my summer stuff. The best or even the worst thing is that I always find some pieces that I forgot to have but still love. That's why my closet got very overflowing. 
Today I realized again that I have accumulated so many outfits that I don't wear and let's be honest probably never ever will wear. After starring at my clothes for assumed 10 minutes, I convinced myself to a closet purge. The cleaning was dramatic and relieving at the same time.
But now I love it! My closet is so much more well-arranged. And the best thing is that I have space for some new spring must haves. 

Tomorrow I it's time for shopping. I will check out some new spring/ summer trends 2015. I have already something in my mind. From khaki pieces, jumpsuits, dungarees to fringed looks.  

March 16, 2015

Dreaming Hours

Do you know these nights when your inner voices distract you from falling asleep?

When you lay in bed and you should better be sleeping but your mind keeps thinking about this one thing. When you wake up in the middle of the night and you are very sure that you just came up with the best new idea ever, that you would love to stand up and write it down. 

 This happened to me very often lately! 

 A few years ago I thought that a blog might be a cool idea, but I was too lazy to start it and it became more like a dreamy, burred vision and nothing very important. Until that one night - all of a sudden I was so keen about my very own little blog. Instead of sleeping I was awake, dreaming, fantasizing and visualizing my blog page the whole night. Hours of hours mostly in bed I brainstormed my ideas while I had this very excited feeling. But still, I kept telling myself It is too late to start a blog. There are so many good blogs out there, that no one will care about mine.

 But as you can see: I did it! And I did it for me, to realize my vision and my daydream. If you have something that you can’t stop thinking about! Just try to make it happen! Whatever other people are saying or thinking. Such things you do for yourself. 

 Better give it a try than to regret not to.