May 22, 2015

All black everything

It’s middle of May and raining all day long. The bad weather gets me in a "black blues". There are some days when I feel like wearing plain simple black from head to toe. 

Black is sophisticated without trying too hard. I love the basic color, not only because it is flattering but also very versatile when you wear it all over. An all-black ensemble can be worn to the office, to travel, to dinner or to a party.

If I struggle to pick out an outfit, I just go for an all-black solution. It’s always the answer for an effortlessly chic.

Going back to black is definitely not a bad thing, and not only grunge. It looks tough, chic, and cool.

I know what most people think: "But black is so boring, dark and punk!" Hello! It's not. Plus, it's so much easier to keep it clean instead of wearing white.

My unicolor outfit is a material mix from cotton, leather and knitwear. I am wearing a black leather pants from H&M, a knitted cape with fringe details from ZARA and high heels from Aldo. I balance the dark outfit with a big golden bracelett, I bought in a small designer boutique in Shanghai, and a golden Michael Kors watch.

Sometimes it's those simple defining pieces, like an unique bracelet or some fringes, that make the difference.

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