February 27, 2016

Hamburg city trip

Hamburg it was a pleasure! Thanks for beeing so cool!

“Sex only 39€”that was the first billboard I saw in Hamburg. Yes, the city is packed with pleasures and fun.

Our Hamburg weekend was indeed wild, exciting and delicious! Every place had its own charm and something special. Although I am a mountain girl I could see myself in the harbor city. You can tell that Hamburg is a maritime place, especially when you walk around the harbour area with its brickwork buildings, the breezy waterfront, rustic storehouses and huge cruise liners and cargo ships. At some places you can smell the North Sea.

Besides the maritime flair Hamburg is renown for its Red Light District and party mile around the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli. Before we or let’s say I was ready for the Reeperbahn, we checked out the city’s trendiest area: the Schanzenviertel. After sipping some Gin Tonics between hipsters and dressed up party girls, we rushed in the party pack at the eccentric Reeperbahn. Between hopping from bar to club we had to take a picture in front of the “Ritze”, one of Hamburg’s most famous bars.

What’s the best after a long party night? Yes, an awesome brekki! Around St. Pauli are numerous cool brunch spots. Scrambled eggs, a hummus sandwich and a fruit salad with greek yoghurt saved our sightseeing day! We started with a walk around the harbor and downtown area. We stumbled into the rather ritzy district of Jungfernstieg. Old buildings mixed with big shopping centers. Exhausted either from last night or from the luxurious shopping addicts around the city square, we ended up with a Spritzer at the Alster Pavilion. A tourist place? Whatever! It was worth it. Sitting right at the shopping mile and watching the playground of the rich and famous.

A beautiful day in Hamburg ended in a delicious dinner with sushi and steak at Henssler & Henssler. Another must see in Hamburg is the iconic fish market. For a moment I felt like being on a market in Vietnam or somewhere in south east Asia. Loud, crowded and lots of bargaining. The mix of visitors is unique: night owls and early-risers, bargain-hunters, shoppers and tourists like us.  

Hamburg see you soon!

February 20, 2016


Between-seasons outfit

It is no secret that the camel coat has enjoyed a slow-burn revival to the streets. Harkening back to a fashion statement of 90s minimalism, it’s become damn near ubiquitous.

Honestly I was never a fan of brown or anything in a shade of brown. But I was looking for a new between-seasons coat. Or I was just looking for something new, which turned out to be a good buy. That’s actually one of my biggest struggles – resisting my shopaholism. On my way to the University I have to walk through Getreidegasse, Salzburg’s most famous shopping mile. That means I am passing Zara, Mango, Hallhuber, Benetton, etc. The last weeks I starred at in shop windows saying: SALE, -50%, 70% OFF, WINTER SALE.

In my defense: Anything is more seductive than arriving at the library to write master thesis.

Well my shopping heart couldn’t resist. I bought a few things, but they are not worth writing about. They look pretty much like everything else in my closet. Black and white.
BUT: my new dark camel coat is worth showing. It is cozy, puristic and elegant. Another prove to the fact that neutrals are anything but boring!

I wear my new camel coat from ZARA with a black no-name blouse from a cute Vintage Store in Soho, New York, a black ripped jeans from Rag&Bone, and platform boots from ALDO.


February 14, 2016

Be my Valentine

Valentine’s Date in the Tyrolean Alps

„Honey, you don’t have to unpack. Take your luggage, your skis and hop in my car.“

Usually I love surprises but I was so tired from a busy week and couldn’t think of anything else than a chilled Saturday couch evening. But as soon as we arrived in Obertilliach, a small Tyrolean village, in the middle of nowhere, I was super excited and happy to have the best boyfriend in the world.

Who needs roses, when you get an amazing bed surrounded by mountains and snow? A five-course dinner from a Gault Millau cook, the coolest Aprè-Ski Schirmbar in one minute walking distance and the best hotel owners in town. We stayed at our friend's new 4* hotel called 1.Almfamily Scherer. Located right on the slope, where Daniel Craig in Spectre chased Christoph Walz between small mountain lodges. Sure it is a family hotel in the first place, but also as a couple on Valentine's Day you can relax and spend an awesome weekend there. 

And because it was so much fun and we fell in love with the wooden Swiss pine bed, we decided to check out late and chill all day. We didn’t even get our skis from the car. Well in our defense it snows, it is foggy and freezing - #notsorry

Best Sunday Valentine’s Date ever: bed, food and my love all I need!

I was never a fan of the “day of love” neither did I celebrate it nor did I buy presents. But I kinda start to like it. Just to spend some quality-time with my boyfriend. So and now I put my macbook and my phone away!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!!!

February 10, 2016

No sugar kick off

Cutting out sugar and alcohol for 40 days

Sounds like a healthy plan, at least right now! Let’s see how my sugar-free living and my mood will be in a few weeks.

Well it is not like the saying “you are what you eat” – because sugar doesn’t make me sweeter! Actually I feel like it leaves me looking withered and dry. My skin looks worse than in 6th grade and every morning I feel tired and dizzy.

It is less about loosing weight and more about living healthy. I’ve been telling myself “I work out, so I can eat whatever I want.” Well turns out that the effects of too much sugar go way beyond some love handles.

People say it is easy to cut off sugar, I would say it is not! It is not just resisting a piece of chocolate, a cookie or a dessert it is more than that. Many of my assumed “healthy foods” like greek yoghurt, granola and instant soups are often high in sugar.

I survived my first day, well it is actually my 4th day, because I got sick in Hamburg and couldn’t really indulge or enjoy my last days of sugar.  

My roomies and my boyfriend are fasting too, which makes the whole situation easier. Seeing them eating chocolate or him spooning Ben&Jerries wouldn’t be lots of fun for my tummy.

My rules:

  • No refined sugar
  • No fruit juice (fruit is ok)
  • No artificial sweetener
  • No alcohol (contains tons of sugar)

Bye Bye Spritzer .... 

... Hello fruits 

February 5, 2016

City trip

It’s time to redeem my boyfriends Xmas present. He loves the beautiful harbor city and I have never been there so I thought this would be a cool getaway gift for both of us.

I can’t wait to party on the legendary Reeperbahn, walking around laid-back Schanzenviertel and call it a day with a traditional Alster in a cool bar.

People say Hamburg has a personality of its own. Most of my friends have been to Hamburg and were raving about how cool and beautiful the place is. Finally I can explore it on my own.

Before I visit a new city I love to get some inspiration. A few years ago it was a lonelyplanet guide and today it is Social Media. While checking out yummy food places and bars on Instagram, I get already into the Hamburg-vibe. 

The weather is not sooooooooo bad, well, at least the rain is supposed to stop during the day. Means: Weather ✓ Packing ✓ HSV tickets  ... 

Ready to take off! From Salzburg’s alpine lifestyle to Hamburg’s harbor charm!

Let the fun begin!