May 20, 2015

Taste of summer

So delicious, so good  and so green! They say there is a first time for everything – mine was yesterday! And it was damn good and tasty. It was my first time cooking homemade green asparagus soup.

These days I see asparagus everywhere – from groceries to farmer markets. This made me crave the spring vegetable.

After a long working day I am in no mood of elaborate cooking. But I realized that a healthy and good dinner is not only about long hours in the kitchen.

My easy-to make asparagus soup recipe is definitely worth trying! Preparation is simple, ingredients are minimal, and it is very delicious!  

To add some protein and create a tasty twist I added grilled halloumi cheese and some chili flakes.

·      1 bunch of green asparagus
·      1 liter vegetable stock
·      1 onion
·      1 clove of garlic
·      a dash of white wine
·      low fat cream or milk
·      lemon juice
·      halloumi cheese
·      chili flakes to sprinkle

I heated some olive oil in a soup pot. Added the garlic and the onion, stirred them occasionally. Then I added small pieces of sliced asparagus and the vegetable stock. After 20 minutes of boiling the asparagus was tender. With my hand-immersion blender I purreed the soup until smooth. Before serving I added a dash of white wine and cream.

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