July 25, 2015

9-to-5 chic

Thinking about what to wear to work sometimes feel like a job itself.

Dressing for the office during summertime can be a real challenge. Especially summers in New York are melting hot and that makes the dressing choice not easier. Thanks to this air condition-loving city my way to work feels like a sauna in and out.

Walking a few blocks getting to the Subway makes me sweat, the subway ride itself is freezing cold and the office temperature is quite ok. I want to beat the heat outside, but I also want a sophisticated look, which makes for a tricky combination.

I am a huge fan of minimalism. Classic black and white is my favorite. It looks professional, but trendy.

My favorite work outfit this week was quite simple and perfect for humid temperatures.

Yesterday I found the perfect dress for work. The little black one from American Apparel is very light and airy. Anchored with white Steve Madden old school wedges the outfit got a stylish attitude twist. Mix in some accessories to go from work to dinner to after-party in a flash.

July 21, 2015

Rich kid's playground #hamptons

Spotted: The Hamptons

What a weekend! Who thinks NYC is crazy, has never partied in the Hamptons. It feels like I was playing at the rich kids’ playground for a few days. Even though we had a great time I am happy to be back in the city – or better say back to real life.

Unbelievable self-named designers who are only talking about their dogs, people who think money rules the world and so many rich kids who can’t have fun without „party pills“ – actually the more I keep rethinking the last days the happier I am to live a simple life.

It was about staying in a villa with pool, hopping from beach house BBQs to pool parties, clubs and after parties with Travis Scott and Rihanna dancing next to our table.

„You never know how many friends you have until you own a beach house“ – says a quote in a picture hanging in one of the spots we have been to. It feels like we made friends with a lot of people this weekend.

People who see all my Hamptons pictures might think “wow amazing”, others might be jealous and haters just roll their eyes – but I can tell all of you it looks great from the outside but in reality – looking inside these people’s lives - it is all fake and I am sure all of us are living a more happier life than these self-named fame celebs, anorexic gold diggers and millionaire wannabes.

However, despite all the craziness, I would lie if I said we didn’t have fun. We met equally many cool and nice people, listened and danced to some good music, experienced awesome insane beach-spots and bumped into Riri.


July 13, 2015

NYC weekends: Heels in my bag

I am back in the best city of the world. It is all about #workhardplayhard 

One thing I remembered living in New York and keep doing either going to work or going out:

NYC rule Nr 1: Carry a pair of heels in your bag

A quick coffee or shopping trip can end up in a party brunch. To be prepared for such situations I carry a pair of heels or small flats in my bag.

It’s more painful than fun walking in high heels through the city during the day. Especially when going to a rooftop party or brunch starting at 2 pm and ending late.

Small flip flops fit everywhere and it’s easy to change a few blocks before walking in the club.

Rule Nr. 2: Finding an outfit for many occasions

An outfit that looks nice for lunch in meatpacking with friends and can be worn paired with heels for an after rooftop party. 

July 8, 2015

Queen of chaos - packing like a pro last minute

Dear New York,

See you soon!

Before I leave for New York in a few hours, I have to pack not only my luggage but also my “apartment room” in 5 Ikea boxes.

Since living in New York is anything else but cheap, I rent out my apartment in Salzburg, while I am overseas.

Instead of sitting and writing in the middle of my own chaos, I should actually finish packing. My head is full with questions: What shoes, how many heals, comfortable travel outfit or a chic one, when should I get up, I need to color my nails and, and, and …

Packing for one month or one week is the same but the destination makes the difference. Packing for NYC means – the less the better – the more I can shop!

So I have chosen my carry-on very wisely and left a lot of my favorites in a Ikea box to have enough space to buy some new favorites.

The perfect travel outfit is a Must Have. Mine is something between comfortable and chic. Black high waist jogging pants, paired with a white top, a scarf, a light cardigan and black-gold sandals.

July 5, 2015

Heatwave chic

Summer has arrived in Austria – 37 degrees or even more.

While I would rather be sporting a bikini, on the pool, there’s some work to be done.

Instead of relaxing and cooling off, I was busy with NYC packing, shopping errands and college papers. Those last few days I questioned myself: how to make the most of the sunshine while remaining cool and shopping appropriate.

Here’s how I tried to survive the soaring heatwave and keeping cooly chic.

Comfortable shoes from H&M paired with high waist denim shorts from Levis and a light-fluttering Zara top let me beat the heat. But there is no outfit that can keep up with a jump into cold water. That's why I headed to the lake after the work was done :-)