May 3, 2015

Perfect day

Rain, cold temperatures and a day off call for a spa day.

Between master thesis, work schedules and classes, I found plenty of good reasons to pamper myself with some wellness and recoup from daily stress.

Relaxing, catching up on gossip, latest fashion news and enjoying a relaxing day with my boyfriend – it was a perfect day.

Over time I have collected my very own spa check list:
  • A comfortable but cute outfit: sweat pants, a top and a leather jacket (after a spa day I am lazy and don’t want to dress very chic
  • Favorite bikini (it’s not summer yet and the bikini body neither – so I wear one of my best bikinis to feel comfortable)
  • bathrobe and flip flops (if not included in spa package)
  • Innocent smoothie or a homemade smoothie 
  • Some fruits (this time I brought an apple, grapes and strawberries)
  • Favorite readings (Vogue, Instyle and Woman’s Health – and a gossip magazine, which my boyfriend persuades me to buy, because he likes to page through and of course can’t buy it for himself together with his sports/ soccer magazines) 

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