June 12, 2016

10 pros of a mini-break

Short holidays vs. a long vaca?

Long holidays are soooo 2015! Pack and go!

A few weekends ago we went to Grado, a historic seaside town located on a lagoon island along Italy's north-east Adriatic coast. While young Austrians kept binge drinking in Lignano, we took the plunge and spend a romantic getaway in Friuli. It’s just nice to relax and to forget about everyday life even just for a few days.

Is it true that short breaks make people happier than long holidays? 
Psychologists have claimed that taking frequent short breaks are better for us. I started thinking about it…

Looking back to the amazing summer 2014 when I was backpacking around Southeast Asia makes me feel carefree and excited again. It was a great time. I was a student, finished my exchange semester in Shanghai, had my apartment in Salzburg and a year of college left. Knowing that I can travel for 2 months without worrying about anything important – well – besides deciding if we should stay partying at Gili Trawangan or going back to Bali for surf lessons – was the best feeling ever.

But as soon as I started working my travel preferences have changed. Weekend trips became more convenient. Here are 10 pros about taking several short trips during the year than one long summer holiday.
  1. A quick recharge of batteries
  2. A change of scene
  3. No long work-handovers
  4. An easy way to relief stress
  5. Seeing more places – from city trips to wellness breaks
  6. Spontaneous trips
  7. No long-time planning
  8. Avoiding leisure sickness
  9. Setting short-term goals
  10.  Spending less money