March 8, 2016

Spring ski touring

(Foto credit: @Dan Tie)

White. Smooth. Awesome.

Welcome to the Winter Wonderland OSTTIROL – a few months too late – but whatever. After Christmas I went hiking on snowless slopes and now I look out of the window and get lost in the romantic white landscape and deep snow.

Sure, I would prefer nice warmer weather and early spring flowers to icy roads and freezing temperatures. But life isn’t a cakewalk. 

It turned out that this sudden winter revival is exactly what I needed. Honestly, sometimes I need a break from the hustle and bustle. A few hours without starring in my macbook. A moment without thinking about future life goals.

And where would that time-out be better than above the city? Beyond the piste – just snow, the mountain and amazing, endless views! Whether I am boarding or skitouring in smooth power, the calmness of winter is priceless and good for my mind and mood. Skitouring is the best way to enjoy winter at a slower peace – plus it is one of the best and most effective workouts. It's the ultimate cardio exercise, the number one calorie burner. Over all it provides a sensational endorphin high, and much more!

Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? No wonder why I am addicted to it! What are you waiting for? Take out your board or skis for the last time this season. Enjoy the sun, the perfect prepared slopes and great views! 

The feeling when you reached the top or the “Hütte”. When you look in the amazing wide mountain views and ski down the piste – epic! @Skiarea Zettersfeld + Hochstein Lienz