July 21, 2016

Flashpacking Thailand

The better way to travel

19 days, 7 islands, 1 city – let the fun begin. 

When I went backpacking for the first time, my friends and family made fun of me saying “Meli do you even know what backpacking means? One pair of shoes, hostels, bunk beds etc.” Well it turned out I was the most relaxed backpacker ever – 8 kg luggage in my backpack for 2 months, almost no-make-up,  bunk beds, dorms, hammocks, bungalows with mouse, cockroaches – well spiders and iguanas were pretty normal. The fun thing it seemed I left my inner princess at home and went backpacking through Vietnam and Indonesia as a different Meli. Even one of my best friends I travelled with was surprised by my backpacking skills.

After my successful backpacking trip I knew I want to do this again. Since then I try to convince my boyfriend to travel with me that way once in his life. Although he is not the typical backpacker either I am sure he will love it. After discussing pros and cons and coming to a destination agreement, we finally booked our flight to Bangkok last months. Philippines, Cambodia or Sri Lanka made it to the top of my list but in the end we thought Thailand is a good mix and one of the easiest places for backpacking newbies. Although he was fine with the idea of travelling with a backpack we agreed not to sleep in hostels or dormitories. Honestly that’s totally fine for me. I was never amused to share a room with about 10 people – snoring, fucking and whatsoever. But I can play the cool kid who doesn’t care and he takes over the princess role.

Two years ago before the backpacking trip I lived in Shanghai for half a year and was inured about literally everything disgusting – accommodation, toilets, food, dirtiness and ill-kempt people. I think that’s why I was so relaxed. So I am actually very happy that he is the picky one and we are going to be flashpacker instead of backpacker #notsorry

Flashpacking= Whereas backpacking is traditionally associated with budget travel and destinations that are relatively cheap, flashpacking has an association of more disposable income while traveling and has been defined simply as backpacking with a bigger budget – or backpacking with style.

We fly out from Vienna via Dubai to Bangkok tonight. The only thing we booked is our first hotel in Bangkok - in the middle of Khao San Road. 

Thailand route 18 days:

Koh Tao
Ko Pha-Ngan
Koh Samui
Railay Beach/Tonsai Beach
Maybe: Phi Phi Islands

See you in 3 weeks!

July 17, 2016

Summer OOTD

5 favorite summer fashion trends

Every week I favorite new fashion inspirations. There is nothing better than sleeping in with some new hot outfit ideas for the next girls night out. Sometimes I am so tired but so addicted scrolling down my Instagram feed that I catch myself falling asleep while my finger is still scrolling – well that’s not so bad – at least I fell asleep easily – the nightmare only comes in the morning when you realize that your sleepy finger liked pictures of EXs or haters.

Others Tinder or catch Pokémon’s until late at night and I look for outfit inspirations!

Right now my 5 favorite summer items are:

  •    Chokers
  •    Cropped shirts
  •    Flash tattoos
  •    Heeled platform sandals
  •    High waist sweats/harem pants

Don’t judge me. I know I was laughing about all the young girls copying our beloved 90ies tattoo necklaces but they were my early love #sorrynotsorry and I couldn’t resist. Two weeks ago I made my own DIY choker. I cut off the end of a black tie and voilà I had my black choker – cheaper than ever. Because sometimes I crave new trends and the next week I can’t see them anymore. Same with tattoos, my Mum saw my flash tattoos and laughed at me “15 years ago your arms were full with comic figures, horses or Pokémon’s (thank god this was 15 years ago – today all the Poké Balls would have killed me) and now your arms shine gold and silver. Did you get them from a chewing gum vending machine too?“

One of my favorite looks this week covers all of my current fashion cravings. And to be honest it looks like a back to the future outfit. A modern 90ies trend in 2016! But to my defense it’s an easy and very comfy look. Sometimes fashion is complicated and sometimes not – this one is not! What’s better than comfortable shoes that make your legs long but don’t hurt? Pants that are your netflix&chill and party buddy? A good old flame of your youth around your neck? Some flashy good-feel tattoos? No, there is one complicated thing though – don’t forget to suck in your stomach – the annoying thing about cropped shirts. Sorry girls life ain’t easy…