May 26, 2015

Sweet escape

A research has found, taking frequent short breaks or holidays make people happier than a long one – I agree with that.

I just came back from a short Italy trip and it was great! Three days packed with good food, wine, lots of sun and fun with my love.

A long weekend ahead and a bad rainy weather forecast were the main reason for a spontaneous trip to Italy. Plus swimming season is kicking off soon and I needed a tan.

Over the years I have collected a wide variety of swimwear – different brands, colors and styles. I love to mix and match various tops and bottoms for a signature style. I pair Victoria's Secret tops with Calzedonia bottoms or the other way around. I have a few favorite bikini brands but H&M has never been one of those.

A few hours before I started packing I went to H&M to buy some hairbands, because they always seem to disappear when I need them. On my way to the accessories department I spot a neon orange bikini, which I fancied having for my beach getaway. Usually trying on swimsuits is my least favorite shopping trip – but this bikini top and bottom fit right away and have me re-thinking my prejudices.

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