May 31, 2015

The Japanese Touch

Let me introduce you to one of my season must haves – the kimono!

The kimono cardigan is one of my new summer favs. The Japanese inspired fashion piece is so versatile and easy to wear, that I couldn't resist writing about it. 

I love my new boho inspired kimono with fringes from Zara. It’s the perfect summer layering piece and transforms a basic outfit into a breezy boho look. 

Summer is just around the corner but hasn’t arrived yet. These days the temperature is likely to take me by surprise. One minute it is cloudy, then it starts to rain and all of a sudden it’s hot and sunny again. The kimono turns out to be the perfect accessory choice for this season.

Yesterday I wore it over skinny jeans from J Brand, a totally simple white top from H&M paired with black wedges from Aldo.

May 26, 2015

Sweet escape

A research has found, taking frequent short breaks or holidays make people happier than a long one – I agree with that.

I just came back from a short Italy trip and it was great! Three days packed with good food, wine, lots of sun and fun with my love.

A long weekend ahead and a bad rainy weather forecast were the main reason for a spontaneous trip to Italy. Plus swimming season is kicking off soon and I needed a tan.

Over the years I have collected a wide variety of swimwear – different brands, colors and styles. I love to mix and match various tops and bottoms for a signature style. I pair Victoria's Secret tops with Calzedonia bottoms or the other way around. I have a few favorite bikini brands but H&M has never been one of those.

A few hours before I started packing I went to H&M to buy some hairbands, because they always seem to disappear when I need them. On my way to the accessories department I spot a neon orange bikini, which I fancied having for my beach getaway. Usually trying on swimsuits is my least favorite shopping trip – but this bikini top and bottom fit right away and have me re-thinking my prejudices.

May 22, 2015

All black everything

It’s middle of May and raining all day long. The bad weather gets me in a "black blues". There are some days when I feel like wearing plain simple black from head to toe. 

Black is sophisticated without trying too hard. I love the basic color, not only because it is flattering but also very versatile when you wear it all over. An all-black ensemble can be worn to the office, to travel, to dinner or to a party.

If I struggle to pick out an outfit, I just go for an all-black solution. It’s always the answer for an effortlessly chic.

Going back to black is definitely not a bad thing, and not only grunge. It looks tough, chic, and cool.

I know what most people think: "But black is so boring, dark and punk!" Hello! It's not. Plus, it's so much easier to keep it clean instead of wearing white.

My unicolor outfit is a material mix from cotton, leather and knitwear. I am wearing a black leather pants from H&M, a knitted cape with fringe details from ZARA and high heels from Aldo. I balance the dark outfit with a big golden bracelett, I bought in a small designer boutique in Shanghai, and a golden Michael Kors watch.

Sometimes it's those simple defining pieces, like an unique bracelet or some fringes, that make the difference.

May 20, 2015

Taste of summer

So delicious, so good  and so green! They say there is a first time for everything – mine was yesterday! And it was damn good and tasty. It was my first time cooking homemade green asparagus soup.

These days I see asparagus everywhere – from groceries to farmer markets. This made me crave the spring vegetable.

After a long working day I am in no mood of elaborate cooking. But I realized that a healthy and good dinner is not only about long hours in the kitchen.

My easy-to make asparagus soup recipe is definitely worth trying! Preparation is simple, ingredients are minimal, and it is very delicious!  

To add some protein and create a tasty twist I added grilled halloumi cheese and some chili flakes.

·      1 bunch of green asparagus
·      1 liter vegetable stock
·      1 onion
·      1 clove of garlic
·      a dash of white wine
·      low fat cream or milk
·      lemon juice
·      halloumi cheese
·      chili flakes to sprinkle

I heated some olive oil in a soup pot. Added the garlic and the onion, stirred them occasionally. Then I added small pieces of sliced asparagus and the vegetable stock. After 20 minutes of boiling the asparagus was tender. With my hand-immersion blender I purreed the soup until smooth. Before serving I added a dash of white wine and cream.

May 18, 2015

Power weekend

Running, surfing or ski touring – are my favorite sports. Biking? No! Until last weekend I hated mountain biking or in my case I thought that I would hate it. I was never an avid biker, even riding my city bike to work or college is annoying me.  “I would rather run a few kilometers uphill than mountain bike” – that was me last week!

“Omg, it was so much fun, let’s bike this trail again tomorrow” – me on Saturday. I finally did it. I went mountain biking and I liked it. One of my best friends has tried to convince me for a mountain bike tour for more than two years. I am soooooo happy that I conquered my weaker self on a 4 kilometers ride uphill with 1050m of elevation gain. I was cycling in the Dolomites, Tyrol, surrounded by an amazing landscape and scenery.

Unfortunately I was not able to be on the bike again on Sunday. Although I wanted to have a bike repetition, my sore butt made it impossible. It hurt so much that I enjoyed the nice weather relaxing by the lake instead.