December 7, 2015


Layering winter essentials

Sun, flowers and green fields – the cows might be happy – but I am not. Walking around Christmas markets in sneakers and a leather jacket doesn’t feel very wintery.

It’s nice not to freeze my fingers or other parts of my body off but snow is my favorite part of Christmas time.

There is always (well most of the time) a good sight of the story. Thick and bulky winter coats can rest a little bit longer in the corner.

Sunday-funday was beautiful. It didn’t feel like the 2nd Advent Sunday, more like a nice fall or spring weekend. To welcome the sun in Salzburg I took my coffee up to my rooftop and enjoyed the view.

Instead of a down jacket I threw over some light layerings for a simple winter look. I sat there in a leggings from Wolford, ankle boots from Aldo and a Mango jumper.

To pimp the outfit more wintery I put on my Liebeskind scarf and a dark brown Superdry leather jacket.

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