December 20, 2015

Gray matters

Winter's hottest fashion trend: Poncho!

„Are you wearing a blanket?“ my boyfriend’s six-year-old cousin asked me when I wore my new gray poncho.

So many people say ponchos look like blankets. Well, I don’t care. I just love them. It is one of my new winter wardrobe must-haves. It is an easy to wear, cozy and stylish trend plus it is a time saver.

When I snooze my alarm five times and the radio anchor says it is 8 o’clock, I have exactly 25 minutes to catch the bus. This means I have zero minutes to try on several different outfits. Mornings like these are made for easy-deciding poncho looks.

It’s a perfect choice either for the office or for a sunny weekend walk.

The poncho is such an easy way to give a lazy-day outfit a super-chic twist. I would always choose the monochrome style. Patterned or colorful ponchos will never find a space in my closet.

Less is more. Less colorful looks more elegant. Sure, black-and-white combinations are making strong statements but there is also an elegant hue that comes between them: GRAY!

For a clean look I take a pair of black leather shorts, black tights and throw on a simple gray poncho from H&M. Combined with light-gray full-grain leather ankle boots from an Italian boutique to finish off the casual-chic outfit.


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