December 18, 2015

Christkind for myself

Getting into Christmas mood

Christmas – the most peaceful and quite time of the year? Well, I would say the most stressful time of the year. 

Every morning both at work and at home I write myself a to-do list. And since Christmastime started the list seems to be endless. Although I love being busy I am at a point where I have to force myself for my own “Meli-quality time”. I have started to add personal to do’s like running, walking and reading to my list.

Yesterday I finally crossed a thing from my personal to-do's. First I went shopping for myself! 

Jewelry it is!

I spent almost one hour in the New1shop in Salzburg. Beautiful rings, bracelets and necklaces gave me a hard time deciding. But I did! 

Back home I made myself a Matcha Latta and spend a few minutes in bed with my cuddly blanket while thinking about some Christmas presents for my beloved ones and flipping through some magazines.


Next to do on my list is a very cool and yearly MUST-DO!

I will spend the afternoon at my Mom’s decorating, eating her delicious cookies and drinking homemade orange tea. 

Happy 18th of Christmas! 

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