December 13, 2015

White Christmas

Healthy Christmas cookies

„It’s begin to look a lot like Christmas...“ sings Michael BublĂ© on my Spotify Christmas Playlist, while I try getting into the Christmas spirit.

And what goes better with Christmas than cookies? It’s the time of the year everyone goes cookie-crazy – me included.

So I make the most of my lazy Sunday morning and get inspired by cookie recipes.

It feels like that Christmas eating season kicks off just as early as the shopping one does. 
That’s why I hoped to find some healthy but delicious ideas.

Despite my intention to avoid winter weight gain, I think the season just wouldn’t be the same without occasional indulgence.

Christmas is not about calculating calories, however there are simple recipe tweaks that can make cookies a better fit to a clean eating style.

Let's see how my baking went. If my kitchen didn't catch fire and the cookies taste like cookies than I will post the recipe later :-)

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