November 29, 2015

Running motivation

4 ways not to slack off on December running

Shorter days, nasty weather and overindulgence can all put me off my stride.

Last week the winter (finally) arrived in Austria. Honestly I love winter, but especially the month December can be a difficult time to find time and motivation for exercise.

It is not only the stressful Christmas shopping and hectic advent time, but also the cold and the snow that wake up my inner’s weaker self. Actually my thoughts sound like my grandma “It is too cold, you get sick, the ground is slippery,…”

Last week I had so much going on and I spent my only free evening on the Christmas market instead of the treadmill.

Which is totally fine I have no problem with that. But if I don’t get to do exercise I feel unsatisfied with myself and that leads to a bad attitude and makes me insufferable.

All near ski resorts haven’t opened yet, so instead of pouting, I unpacked my ski touring clothes and wear my touring layers and ski gears for running until there is enough snow to hit the slope. 

Take a rest from all the stressful and hectic advent shopping. Instead of clicking or swiping through online shops, go outside for a walk/ a run and think about what your friends and family really need instead of getting distracted from all the commercial Christmas consumptions.

Don't let your grandma thoughts make you fell unsatisfied und unhappy. Get up, warm up and run up!

  1. Go easy: Avoid an ass-kicking hard training. Instead go easy and get your running passion back. December is a good time to build up the necessary condition base you need for the warmer seasons.
  2. Get warm: Take an extra few minutes to stretch and get your muscles warmed up. 
  3. Stay warm: Don't overdress. Wear several thin layers and don't forget a headband or hat, as well as a pair of running gloves. Layers keep you much warmer and more comfortable running than one heavy jacket. 
  4. Feel better: Christmas cookies, Gluehwein, Gingerbread and other indulgence taste better when you feel comfortable eating it. Running is a power tool for preventing holiday weight gain. 

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