November 1, 2015

Sugar breakup!

Last weekend in Italy was a lot of fun and the food delicious, but it was also the start of my kind of ‘diet’ thing.

I am not the diet person. However, I try to eat healthy but I am not calculating calories, carbs or whatever.

A lot of wine, pizza, pasta, tiramisu, candy, chocolate, less exercise just got me in a bad mood. That’s why I just thought it is time for a healthy cleanse.

Another main reason to go through a sugar break-up is my addiction to it. I wanted to prove myself that I can be happy without sugar. For some people this might sound stupid, but I already got the feeling that I couldn’t function without sugar or something sweet after lunch. So this is mostly about proving that I can survive the afternoon without a Balisto, a cookie or whatever I find in our office.

When I told my mum about my brilliant idea she kind of laughed at me and asked me what I am planning to eat now? And na├»ve as I was I answered well everything but candy, chocolate, sweets,… but fruit sugar, I need fresh fruits and chia seeds or oatmeal in the morning.

Then she brought me back to reality and told me that I should check the ingredient list of the foods in my fridge. I checked it and realized that almost everything contains sugar, even my beloved feta cheese, the plain greek yoghurt I eat for breakfast or balsamic vinegar.

Thinking how easy it would be banning sugar for a while, turned out no so cool anymore.

I started rethinking my healthy eating choice. In order to stick to my break-up and don’t get coughed rebounding with sugar, next week already. I decided to avoid only food that contains added sugar and lots of carbs like bread, pasta, rice, couscous, quinoa, etc.

My beloved Sunday brunch with bread, cereal, croissant, honey, Nutella or whatever turned into a chia pudding fruit bowl and I can tell you it is amazing! I love it! 

Brunch with bread and cereal

Chia pudding with oats and fruits

Chia seeds are not just a hyped superfood, well it might don’t make you automatically prettier, skinnier or healthier but the low carb seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and minerals.

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