November 5, 2015

Thank god it’s Friday

It’s been a stressful week and I am more happy than ever that it’s Friday.

Normally I had already eaten at least one whole package of Balisto or Raffaelo by now. But I stayed sober:  It’s been 10 days without sugar. As far as I can tell it’s not so hard as I thought.

Besides the daily 10 minutes of struggle with my inner temptation: “ah why am I even doing this? Just one cookie wouldn’t be so bad, …”, it works out fine. My skin gets better, I am fitter and my body feels already leaner and not so bloated.

Now I am ready for 3 days of De-Stress Deluxe. Tauernspa Kaprun I am coming!

After last minute packing and a Nespresso to-go for the drive I am ready for a relaxed weekend in the middle of Salzburg’s panoramic mountains “Hohe Tauern”.

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