October 30, 2015

Bella Italia

“A glass of red wine is the equivalent to an hour at the gym”

Beautiful, delicious and so much fun – all packed in one long weekend! Long-weekends are made to have a great time with awesome people.

Living close to Italy is amazing and suited for short trips. Italy is always a good idea either for an authentic pizza, for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea, a shopping trip or for a winetasting weekend in Friuli.

The idea for this winetasting trip came up a few month ago at a friends house while drinking, well, of course – a lot of wine.

3 days of “la bella vita” in Italy are behind us – great food, beautiful countryside, and fabulous wine. I fell in love with the vineyards in Friuli and the romantic flair in Cividale.

We arrived at the first winery called Perusini. The owner of the winery welcomed us at her and her families great property in the middle of some vineyards. After nipping, smelling and more drinking than tasting and spitting, we bought some bottles and got to the next winery only 10 minutes away.

I was already impressed by the first one but the property and the scenery around AziendaAgricola il Roncal was even prettier, wider and greater.

The owner, a young very beautiful woman, showed us around and served cheese, prosciutto, grissini and olives. The weather was at its best. 20 degrees Celsius at the end of October, nothing more we could have wished for.

Tipsy, happy and hungry we arrived in Cividale, a small old town close to the wineries. We stayed at a B&B called La Cjase dai Toscans. It was the best choice. The rooms were clean, big and furnished in a traditional Italian style. The owner was very friendly, spoke fluent English and served the best breakfast I have ever had in Italy.


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