November 20, 2015

Vienna calling

I woke up tonight at 5am because I was so excited.  It is one of these mornings when I get up in less than five seconds, because I am just happy to start the day.

No, I am not flying to New York – I am (only) driving to Vienna. Nothing special. But I can’t wait to visit my little brother’s first flat.

I remember every time he visited me in New York and Shanghai. It was always lots of fun. And no it is the other way around.

Time flies so fast, it feels like yesterday when we were playing together, dreaming about building a tunnel between our rooms or fighting over small things.

And now?

He is grown up, sometimes I feel like he is more mature and settled than I am, five years older than him. He cooks better than me, knows how to bake and if I have a question about what’s going on in our world, either it is about politics, finance or economy – he knows the best. I am really proud of him.

So now I have to finish packing, eating breakfast and get my second caffeine boost– all at the same time. #chaosqueen

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