October 18, 2015

Beat the blues

Lace up, bundle up and get up!

The heat-wave ended, followed by rain, fog and cold temperatures. Days are getting shorter and nights longer.

Admitting, fall and its upcoming cold days aren’t the most motivated times of the year. Chilling and streaming my new favorite TV-show "Suits" seems more fun than running through rain.

“It started to rain, it is so cold today, I rather stay at home than getting sick again.” Excuses over excuses.

Let me introduce you to my old friend  - my inner weakness!

Last weak I got a very bad cold. After taking antibiotics and resting for a while, I needed to force myself to get my ass up again and start my workout.

When summer is over and days become shorter the mood becomes darker. Struggling between work, college, master thesis and private life sometimes stresses me out.

I start eating tons of chocolate while working, I have no time to cook a healthy dinner and my apartment looks like a mess. Some issues that get me in a bad mood. Especially my bad eating habits freak me out.

Yesterday my to-do list was long. But I forced myself to stop working. Even though I felt not that fit, the run was the best way to switch off and refuel my energy.

The first kilometer (mile) is always the hardest, it started raining and my inner weakness tried to stop me. I remember thinking “ah it’s raining, should I turn and go home and make some stretching instead.

Bull*** my outfit was waterproof, I wore a sweatband and it was not even raining it was more a light drizzle.

The workout outside was the best! I bought new fall running essentials that I love. It is always more fun when you have a cool outfit you want to show. 

Honestly, sometimes I just go for a run so I can wear my new jogging pants outside. 

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