October 5, 2015

A man's affair...

Culottes, jumpsuits, overknees – or whatever must-haves Anna Wintour is obsessed with.

I officially chose the Boyfriend Style as my favorite fall trend 2015.

Following Coco Chanel’s steps I frequently started borrowing fashion pieces from my boyfriends closet. 

But don’t we all find ourselves cuddling in an oversized sweater when it’s cold in the morning or in one of his t-shirt to sleep with? 

>> It is not what you wear but how you wear it.<< 

Last week I dipped into my boyfriend’s cardigan and now I am into his accessories. One of my favorites has always been his baseball hats.

Caps have a cool vibe and they are perfect to keep my 2nd or – ehm – already  4th bad hair day a secret. 

In the beginning I borrowed caps only for sporty days, but now I ended up wearing the urban piece whenever I want –  paired with old school 70s platform heels from #aldo, leather pants from #mango, a #diesel leather jacket, a white #hm basic shirt and an olive denim blues from Levis. 

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