March 24, 2015

The trench fashion icon

As the season's blend together it's getting warmer. Waking up by rays of sun feels so good. Everybody is in a good mood and keeps smiling.

Although I love spring weather, I struggle with my clothing choice. When I leave for work or college around 8 am it is still chilly enough to require a jacket. Not all of my spring jackets are made for temperatures ups and downs throughout the day.

Since I was so busy these last days I had no time to go shopping. Good that I kept one of my favorite Shanghai buyings – a classic beige ¾ sleeve trench coat. I bought my beloved spring transitional piece in a small lovely designer boutique in the historic Shanghai district, the French Concession.

Shopping in Shanghai is great by the way. Last year I lived there for six months and it was the best. A more detailed blog post about living in Shanghai is coming up soon.

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