March 18, 2015

Spring Fever

Yeah! My calendar says that spring has officially begun! 
So It's time to refresh my wardrobe. I love diversification! So I get really excited when I can put my warm winter clothes away and unwrap my Ikea boxes with all my summer stuff. The best or even the worst thing is that I always find some pieces that I forgot to have but still love. That's why my closet got very overflowing. 
Today I realized again that I have accumulated so many outfits that I don't wear and let's be honest probably never ever will wear. After starring at my clothes for assumed 10 minutes, I convinced myself to a closet purge. The cleaning was dramatic and relieving at the same time.
But now I love it! My closet is so much more well-arranged. And the best thing is that I have space for some new spring must haves. 

Tomorrow I it's time for shopping. I will check out some new spring/ summer trends 2015. I have already something in my mind. From khaki pieces, jumpsuits, dungarees to fringed looks.  

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