March 30, 2015

90ies revival

Dungarees are back!

This must have piece features some serious fashion and childhood flashbacks. I am talking about the famous and classic dungaree. This season everyone is wearing this cult piece. Seen on the streets or at Fashion Week catwalks. 

The denim overall comes in a down-to-earth and relaxed mood. It has been resurrected in various styles. From classic stonewashed denim and multiple colors, to cute printed designs. 

Considering that Alexa Chung and Pixie Lott are looking good in dungarees, I assumed that it won't fit me. 

Do you know this feeling when you love an outfit seeing at somebody else but you think that you have still a few kg/pounds too much or you are even too skinny for a special piece. In my case I struggle more often with the first issue. When I saw dungarees at catwalks I wasn't sure if the denim trend would look good on me.

But whatever! I tried it and loved it! So I buckled up and embraced denim overalls. And so should you! 

Little me vs. grown-up Meli...

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