February 10, 2016

No sugar kick off

Cutting out sugar and alcohol for 40 days

Sounds like a healthy plan, at least right now! Let’s see how my sugar-free living and my mood will be in a few weeks.

Well it is not like the saying “you are what you eat” – because sugar doesn’t make me sweeter! Actually I feel like it leaves me looking withered and dry. My skin looks worse than in 6th grade and every morning I feel tired and dizzy.

It is less about loosing weight and more about living healthy. I’ve been telling myself “I work out, so I can eat whatever I want.” Well turns out that the effects of too much sugar go way beyond some love handles.

People say it is easy to cut off sugar, I would say it is not! It is not just resisting a piece of chocolate, a cookie or a dessert it is more than that. Many of my assumed “healthy foods” like greek yoghurt, granola and instant soups are often high in sugar.

I survived my first day, well it is actually my 4th day, because I got sick in Hamburg and couldn’t really indulge or enjoy my last days of sugar.  

My roomies and my boyfriend are fasting too, which makes the whole situation easier. Seeing them eating chocolate or him spooning Ben&Jerries wouldn’t be lots of fun for my tummy.

My rules:

  • No refined sugar
  • No fruit juice (fruit is ok)
  • No artificial sweetener
  • No alcohol (contains tons of sugar)

Bye Bye Spritzer .... 

... Hello fruits 

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