February 27, 2016

Hamburg city trip

Hamburg it was a pleasure! Thanks for beeing so cool!

“Sex only 39€”that was the first billboard I saw in Hamburg. Yes, the city is packed with pleasures and fun.

Our Hamburg weekend was indeed wild, exciting and delicious! Every place had its own charm and something special. Although I am a mountain girl I could see myself in the harbor city. You can tell that Hamburg is a maritime place, especially when you walk around the harbour area with its brickwork buildings, the breezy waterfront, rustic storehouses and huge cruise liners and cargo ships. At some places you can smell the North Sea.

Besides the maritime flair Hamburg is renown for its Red Light District and party mile around the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli. Before we or let’s say I was ready for the Reeperbahn, we checked out the city’s trendiest area: the Schanzenviertel. After sipping some Gin Tonics between hipsters and dressed up party girls, we rushed in the party pack at the eccentric Reeperbahn. Between hopping from bar to club we had to take a picture in front of the “Ritze”, one of Hamburg’s most famous bars.

What’s the best after a long party night? Yes, an awesome brekki! Around St. Pauli are numerous cool brunch spots. Scrambled eggs, a hummus sandwich and a fruit salad with greek yoghurt saved our sightseeing day! We started with a walk around the harbor and downtown area. We stumbled into the rather ritzy district of Jungfernstieg. Old buildings mixed with big shopping centers. Exhausted either from last night or from the luxurious shopping addicts around the city square, we ended up with a Spritzer at the Alster Pavilion. A tourist place? Whatever! It was worth it. Sitting right at the shopping mile and watching the playground of the rich and famous.

A beautiful day in Hamburg ended in a delicious dinner with sushi and steak at Henssler & Henssler. Another must see in Hamburg is the iconic fish market. For a moment I felt like being on a market in Vietnam or somewhere in south east Asia. Loud, crowded and lots of bargaining. The mix of visitors is unique: night owls and early-risers, bargain-hunters, shoppers and tourists like us.  

Hamburg see you soon!

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