February 5, 2016

City trip

It’s time to redeem my boyfriends Xmas present. He loves the beautiful harbor city and I have never been there so I thought this would be a cool getaway gift for both of us.

I can’t wait to party on the legendary Reeperbahn, walking around laid-back Schanzenviertel and call it a day with a traditional Alster in a cool bar.

People say Hamburg has a personality of its own. Most of my friends have been to Hamburg and were raving about how cool and beautiful the place is. Finally I can explore it on my own.

Before I visit a new city I love to get some inspiration. A few years ago it was a lonelyplanet guide and today it is Social Media. While checking out yummy food places and bars on Instagram, I get already into the Hamburg-vibe. 

The weather is not sooooooooo bad, well, at least the rain is supposed to stop during the day. Means: Weather ✓ Packing ✓ HSV tickets  ... 

Ready to take off! From Salzburg’s alpine lifestyle to Hamburg’s harbor charm!

Let the fun begin! 

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