July 25, 2015

9-to-5 chic

Thinking about what to wear to work sometimes feel like a job itself.

Dressing for the office during summertime can be a real challenge. Especially summers in New York are melting hot and that makes the dressing choice not easier. Thanks to this air condition-loving city my way to work feels like a sauna in and out.

Walking a few blocks getting to the Subway makes me sweat, the subway ride itself is freezing cold and the office temperature is quite ok. I want to beat the heat outside, but I also want a sophisticated look, which makes for a tricky combination.

I am a huge fan of minimalism. Classic black and white is my favorite. It looks professional, but trendy.

My favorite work outfit this week was quite simple and perfect for humid temperatures.

Yesterday I found the perfect dress for work. The little black one from American Apparel is very light and airy. Anchored with white Steve Madden old school wedges the outfit got a stylish attitude twist. Mix in some accessories to go from work to dinner to after-party in a flash.

1 comment:

  1. I like this idea. It's well made for walking as it only goes down mid-thigh, which does not encumber walking. Also I like the color choice, you can see it stands out with the salmon background and still retains definition in the darker blue background. Lastly, the ease of switching its use is much appreciated, a simple accessory like a hat goes well with it but also shows that it's something different.

    Rosa Nelson @ HVAC Services Philadelphia