July 21, 2015

Rich kid's playground #hamptons

Spotted: The Hamptons

What a weekend! Who thinks NYC is crazy, has never partied in the Hamptons. It feels like I was playing at the rich kids’ playground for a few days. Even though we had a great time I am happy to be back in the city – or better say back to real life.

Unbelievable self-named designers who are only talking about their dogs, people who think money rules the world and so many rich kids who can’t have fun without „party pills“ – actually the more I keep rethinking the last days the happier I am to live a simple life.

It was about staying in a villa with pool, hopping from beach house BBQs to pool parties, clubs and after parties with Travis Scott and Rihanna dancing next to our table.

„You never know how many friends you have until you own a beach house“ – says a quote in a picture hanging in one of the spots we have been to. It feels like we made friends with a lot of people this weekend.

People who see all my Hamptons pictures might think “wow amazing”, others might be jealous and haters just roll their eyes – but I can tell all of you it looks great from the outside but in reality – looking inside these people’s lives - it is all fake and I am sure all of us are living a more happier life than these self-named fame celebs, anorexic gold diggers and millionaire wannabes.

However, despite all the craziness, I would lie if I said we didn’t have fun. We met equally many cool and nice people, listened and danced to some good music, experienced awesome insane beach-spots and bumped into Riri.


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