July 13, 2015

NYC weekends: Heels in my bag

I am back in the best city of the world. It is all about #workhardplayhard 

One thing I remembered living in New York and keep doing either going to work or going out:

NYC rule Nr 1: Carry a pair of heels in your bag

A quick coffee or shopping trip can end up in a party brunch. To be prepared for such situations I carry a pair of heels or small flats in my bag.

It’s more painful than fun walking in high heels through the city during the day. Especially when going to a rooftop party or brunch starting at 2 pm and ending late.

Small flip flops fit everywhere and it’s easy to change a few blocks before walking in the club.

Rule Nr. 2: Finding an outfit for many occasions

An outfit that looks nice for lunch in meatpacking with friends and can be worn paired with heels for an after rooftop party. 

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