July 8, 2015

Queen of chaos - packing like a pro last minute

Dear New York,

See you soon!

Before I leave for New York in a few hours, I have to pack not only my luggage but also my “apartment room” in 5 Ikea boxes.

Since living in New York is anything else but cheap, I rent out my apartment in Salzburg, while I am overseas.

Instead of sitting and writing in the middle of my own chaos, I should actually finish packing. My head is full with questions: What shoes, how many heals, comfortable travel outfit or a chic one, when should I get up, I need to color my nails and, and, and …

Packing for one month or one week is the same but the destination makes the difference. Packing for NYC means – the less the better – the more I can shop!

So I have chosen my carry-on very wisely and left a lot of my favorites in a Ikea box to have enough space to buy some new favorites.

The perfect travel outfit is a Must Have. Mine is something between comfortable and chic. Black high waist jogging pants, paired with a white top, a scarf, a light cardigan and black-gold sandals.

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