January 24, 2016

White noise

More fabulous, less functional

Yeah, finally it’s snowing. And what fits better into a white scenery than a white coat?!

Karl Lagerfeld once mentioned, he loves classic beauty: „It’s an idea of beauty with no standard.”

The same thing can be said about white coats. It’s a classic that survives all fashion coming and going.

And the best thing about a white coat: it looks refined and sophisticated but doesn’t have to be very expensive.

One of my best friends asked me how much I paid for that white coat because she thought it must have cost me a fortune.  Well it didn’t. I bought the coat while shopping for my grandma at C&A. It showed me that once you overcome your prejudice, you could find cool fashion pieces in stores you would never have thought about stepping in.

As exciting and modern it looks, as ever impractical it is – it might be a chic way to keep warm but not very effective. But … whatever I love it! The white coat stakes its claim to hero status in my closet this season. 

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