January 6, 2016

Sunrise Ski Tour

Mountains, workout and health spa

Emails, work, phone – there is always something to think of. Although I am having holidays since Christmas, I wake up every day at 6.30 am. Thoughts and to do’s jolt me out of sleep.

Instead of lying in bed until my alarm rings I used the time to get exercise and breath-taking  views. It was the perfect morning for a sunrise ski tour. Staying at the Almwellness Resort Tuffbad, which is surrounded by beautiful mountains, is the perfect place to start a morning ski tour.

Pure fascination and crystal clear air was worth to get up early. Although, I have to admit that getting up from the comfortable four-poster canopy bed wasn’t easy. My biggest motivation was the thought of the amazing breakfast buffet at the Tuffbad and how much better it will even taste after the workout. Food is always a good reason to get up.

We started our tour at the best Apr├Ęs Ski Bar “Schirm” in Obertilliach, where Daniel Craig in James Bond “The Spectre” shot some bad guys.

8.00 am: The beautiful red-orange sunrise behind us and 1 hour exercise ahead us - but the only thing I could think of was the delicious scrambled eggs, organic veggies and a very relaxed spa day at Tuffbad.

 A perfect morning for an amazing relaxed spa day at the 1. Almwellness Resort Tuffbad in Lesachtal, Austria.

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