January 3, 2016

Spa essentials

Winter holiday retreat

Back from our New Year’s mountain cabin, I get a few minutes to repack my bag for a four day spa getaway.

Especially after Christmas and New Year’s a spa retreat is a good idea. Holidays at home are awesome with lots of to do’s– from parties, dinners to family visits. But now it is time to swap the festive season frenzy for a healthy holiday in an idyllic winter spa destination in Carinthia, Almwellness Tuffbad.

The worst part of a vacation is the act of actually getting out of the door. I tell my boyfriend I need 5 minutes but some age-old questions I keep asking myself change those few minutes into decades.: “What should I pack? How much do I have to pack? Do I need this pair of shoes? Where is my favorite shirt?"….

Thanks to the annoyed voice of my boyfriend I finally sharpened my packing skills.

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