June 13, 2015

Summer love

The best thing about summer is that I can wear my beloved but very old summer dress and my most favorite pair of good old Steve Madden wedges.

If those two wardrobe icons would be still available in a shop I would by them again.

“Meli don’t you want to throw those heels away, they look very used?” my Mom asked me last weekend. How dare she say that? In fact, they do look as old as they are but I would never give them away.

Those aren’t only my most comfortable pair of 12 cm heels but they also remind me of some good nights and days.

And it’s the same story again but with the dress. It’s not fancy or special at all, it is very simple, crème colored and almost three years old - but whatever! 

With the perfect styling the dress from Urban Outfitters is still a fit for a cocktail party as it is for a relaxed afternoon in my backyard, for a BBQ with friends or for a weekend at the beach.

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