November 3, 2016

Master of what?

University it was a pleasure

Oh right I am Master of Arts. The last three months I had a full time job „studying“. Studying theories and stuff nobody needs in real life. My part-time job was job hunting. And honestly I have learned more important things while preparing for my interviews than for my exam. But anyway there was a point after weeks of complaining when I realized I had no choice but to study and read all those old unimportant books, because I need a title, a master, right? That’s why I have enrolled in college the first place. On Monday the 24th of October there was finally THE day, the day I have wished for so long, but it was nothing special besides I am finally MA now and my family and friends are happy and proud of me. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that it’s over too, but now the real life starts and that’s what scares me.

A Master is a job entry? Wrong! The last months I have done an interview marathon – a go-see with successful and well-known companies. In the beginning I was happy that I get so many invitations and positive feedback on my CV and applications. But after three months getting in the 2nd or 3rd interview round after studying for each interview, preparing for cases that need to be done during the interview and hearing in the end: “we really liked you personally and professionally but there was a candidate with more experience…” is very disappointing. Friends and colleagues of mine do internships after they graduated, because that’s the only way you have a chance to get into the big players. The Job hunt is very stressful and can be depressing. There were minutes I nearly or let's be honest I cried because I didn’t know what I should do differently.

I can feel everyone who is in a job hunt process right now. I know how hard it is receiving refusals, especially when you put so much effort in the whole application and interview processes, but I learned so much during each interview process and gained professionally and personally, that it was never a waste of time. What I have realized today is, how important it is to believe in yourself and to be who you are. That’s how I got my job offer, they told me that “there were candidates with more experience and knowledge than you, but you convinced us personally.” I believe in destiny and that everything has to be that way. In the end I got three job offers and I was the one to choose.

  •       CV Design
  •       Detailed and professional CV
  •       A perfect Cover Letter with NO spelling errors
  •       A Cover Letter that includes success statistics about your work 
  •       (e.g. The CTR rate and the   conversion rate have increased 50% due to ...)
  •       Portfolio with work examples

  •      Be yourself
  •       Be honest and friendly but don’t simulate
  •       Always answer questions with examples 
  •       (e.g. I am stress resistant because…)
  •       Don’t put too much make-up on, be natural
  •       Choose an outfit that reflects your personality

One of my best friends @Maddyritchie present me some very wise handwritten lines that helped me through my last months:

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