April 2, 2016

Me, my master thesis and I

Long time no see ... because of work, work, work ,work, work"

I remember the time when I got home from school and I was bored. Bored? What is that? Sometimes I miss those lazy days.

The last few weeks I focused on my master thesis and thank god finally, I see light at the end of the long-lived writing and researching phase.

You know you have studied hard, when Google ranks Google books or Springerlink to your favorite pages and Facebook backdrops on third place.

Do you know what I will love the most when I have finished my 170 sites scientific paper? Sure, I am happy that I can hack off a bold TO-DO in my list, but I am even more excited that I won’t hear this annoying question anymore:

“Ah and when will you finish your thesis?”

To the thousandth time: I do my best! I will write you a card when I am done! Happy? It’s not that I am 30 and have been studying my whole life.

Writing a master thesis is not an incredible successful thing – no not at all! It’s actually the opposite, which frustrates me even more.

Students study, research, read through tons of books, articles, spend months on one paper – most of the time just copy- or rewriting other scientists work and in the end? No one cares! Professors read if anything only half of it and that’s it. #studentproblems

The last few weeks the library was my second home, Matcha Latte my energy kick, SPSS my Facebook and more than 1000 advertisements in the Vogue my only reading.

I found out that pampering myself with a yummy breakfast bowl and a Matcha Latte is the best study motivation. 

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