September 17, 2015

Happy September to you!

Now it’s fall, and I am ready for it – well okay almost ready. My head knows its fall, my mood too but my fall wardrobe is weak-minded.

32 degrees Celsius in Salzburg in the middle of September is not usual.

The weather forecast changes every day. Another last heat-wave, but not yet an Indian Summer, one day later the TV anchor talks about a cold front edging down from northwest – so what? Dear weather, make up your mind!

Running around in Flip-Flops and beach dresses was fun while lasted, but now I desire to wear my new fall wardrobe. The only problem is the weather hasn’t gotten the memo.

My closet has always been a little chaos but now it has fallen in a season depression. I keep piling those summer clothes past their due date and at the same time I can’t stop shopping new fall must haves.

Well I found a way wearing my favorite fall pieces when temps are still topping 30 degrees.

I straddle that hot/cool line, while mixing summer with fall clothes. Wearing my new scarf from accessorize, ankle boots from ZARA and a black button down shirt from Mango with some summer shorts from Urban Outfitters instead of long jeans.

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